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You: A Poem To My Son


You have made me a better man

You have your first fan

You have shown me a new type of love

You made me realize there is definitely someone up above

You made me a better teacher

You made me look forward to the future

You made me see life in a new way

You bring  joy to my life every single day

You taught me how  unconditional feels

You are a huge deal

You show me everyday what a father means to you

You always teach me something new

You do all this just by being you


To Every Child That Walks Our Way

 I am a Kindergarten teacher because

I want to live in a better world

I want every child’s voice to be heard

I want to make an immediate impact

I want to keep children’s dignity intact

I want to stop all the hate and discrimination

I want all people to live equally in our great nation

I want the world to love each other

Why are we fighting, why even bother

I chose to become a Kindergarten teacher

I see hope in our immediate future

I see children compassionate and loving

Caring for one another and their minds evolving

Teaching is what I have been sent here to do

To make every child smile, laugh, and learn too

There is nothing else destiny has in store

I must give each child the keys to unlock the door

Each child is unique and special in so many ways

Teaching is what I want to do for the rest of my days

I want to be remembered when I am no longer around

I want every child’s potential to be found

I am a Kindergarten teacher and have never been so proud

Hear the words that I am screaming so loud

Our love, heart, and soul should be given each day

To every child that walks our way

                                   By Ryan P. Flinn