I will be here for you new guy
I will show you how to knot a tie
I will let you fail
Help you along like the wind on a sail
Answer those questions in your head
Sing you a lullaby and rock you to bed
Never miss a day of telling you I care
Show you how to spike your hair
Hold your hand when your heart is broken
Know you love me though it goes unspoken
I will open your eyes and teach you to read
Learning will be planted like a seed
Show you God’s love and grace
Make sure you know how to make a funny face
New Guy, you will learn to care for others
Know you have an amazing brother
You will smile when you awake
And to bed a smile you will take
Help you reach for the stars
You will learn to drive a car
Treat woman with respect and love
And know someone always loves you up above
There will be times when we don’t see eye to eye
But there will always be a shoulder for which to cry
You will teach me some things or two
But always know I will love you