This is my first Blog post using WordPress.  I am excited and a little timid sharing my life to the world.  I am a male Kindergarten teacher that teaches from the heart.  I love my students and their families like an extension of my immediate family.  I always wanted to grow up and be a comedian.  I am on stage everyday in front of very excited and watchful five and six-year olds.  I love my job!! Kindergarten for me is 10% classroom management and 90% entertainment.  I entertain and the kids entertain themselves and learn.  If you walked past my class…you would see all students having fun, laughing, collaborating, and learning. 

I have always searched for a platform where my voice could be heard.  I am not one to share my ideas all the time with the principal and I find that being a male in early childhood…other teachers are not always anxious to share ideas with me.  This is why social networks have been a life line for me as an educator.  I am able to share my ideas about education and not feel like anyone is judging me.  I have learned more using Twitter than in my Masters studies in Instructional Technology.  Facebook has allowed me to meet and share with other educators as well.  Social networks have change my educational career tremendously.  I am not always right but I always have an opinion and by collaborating with other great minds, I can explore my opinions and make accurate changes to better student learning.

My only fear is that my social life is being effected by my Social Network life.  My wife thinks that I am on my Iphone too much and I try to put it away when it is family time.  I have invited her into the Social Network world but she is not interested even though she is a third grade teacher.  I have always been a social guy.  I love interacting with others and now socializing is in the palm of my hand at all times.  Have any of you felt this way? 

I want to continue using social networking to enhance my knowledge of education but I don’t want this thirst for knowledge to kill the social relationships I already have.  My wife and my son are more important then the relationships i have with people on Social Networks.