I stand here watching you two
Listening to the hilarious things that are you.
Observing the love that you share
Wondering how I even got here.

Counting my blessings every day
Thanking my lucky stars from June until May.
Overwhelmed with pride in my heart
Overjoyed with happiness from the start.

You two have something unique
Something so special, you don’t have to speak.
Something that no one can take away
You get to be brothers every single day.

You two will always have someone’s back
A brother to lean on, to make a pack.
A friend to count on and a shoulder to cry
A brother, a companion, a heck of a guy.

A brother is something you both are
That’s something I wish I could sell in a jar.
You two will stick together
A brother is something that lasts forever.

Don’t let feelings and things get in the way.
Don’t forget to stop life and pray.
I pray you two will always be this way.

The way you are at four and less than zero.
A brother is and can be your hero.
A brother is your wingman and more
Your plus one and that someone at the door.

Someday I hope you two will feel these same joys
A father of two amazing boys.
A Dad or Dada or whatever your name Because of you two, I will never be the same.