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My Dude


My Dude is so smart
He has taking over my heart
His smile so bright
He could light up the whole night.

His love so contagious
His humor so outrageous
His hand so small
His effect on me, so tall.

I love my dude
He always alters my mood
He brings joy to my life
He brings the same joy to my wife.

He sees the world as a place to play
A new adventure every single day
He sees people for the good
The way other people should.

My dude is one of a kind
Look but you will never find
A sweeter soul then what’s inside
This little dude I stand beside.


I drew a picture of myself on a stage and an audience where you could only see the back of their heads. I wanted to be a comedian when I grew up. My mother still has this picture from my first grade writing assignment. I never pursued this career choice but I did pursue the next best thing, teaching Kindergarten.
I have been a comedian in a Kindergarten classroom for eight years and I have the best audience. Twenty eager minds waiting to learn, smile, and laugh. Always a packed house and always excited to see the next show. The audience pays with hugs, smiles, and excitement when they learn something new. They sometimes give a fist bump or a high five to their friends. I get a random “I love you” while I am performing. I have been asked a lot why I teach Kindergarten and how I do it everyday? I chose Kindergarten because it is important. I am the first teacher that students and parents associate school with. I have the ability to allow students to love school, love to learn, love to attend the show.I have the responsibility to allow parents to fall in love with school again or love school for the first time. I receive twenty or more hugs each day I come to work. I get payed to make my community I work in a better place to live. I have the honor of setting students up to succeed in life. I get to be silly and actually get payed to do so. I am thankful each day that God has given me the talent to perform in front of this audience each day.
As an educator, we have to remember that our students are watching every performance, ever facial expression, every gesture. We have the responsibility to do the right thing simply because it is the right thing to do. I am proud to be a Kindergarten teacher and I appreciate the audience that sits in front of me and laughs, smiles, and learns during every show. I have the greatest stage in education. I am a Kindergarten teacher.

I used this post in my acceptance speech for the Green Schools Foundation Educator of the Year.